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Sunday, March 24, 2013


The passive voice

Voice is the structure of the verb.

When subject does something that is an active voice.
When object do something that is passive voice.


Active voice: Cat kills mice. In this sentence, “cat” is subject, kills is verb, and “mice” is object.
Passive voice: Mice are killed by cat.

Rules of the voice change.

Rule no: 1. (a) the subject of the active voice is changed object of the passive voice.

               (b) the object of the active voice is changed subject of the passive  voice.

(c) Main verb always is past participle and before the main verb must use auxiliary verb as follows subject and tense.

Rule no: 2. How to use the auxiliary verb:

Simple present: am, is , are
Simple past: was, were
Simple future: shall be, will be
Present continuous: am being, is being, are being
Past continuous: was being, were being
Future continuous: shall be being, will be being
Present perfect: has been, have been
Past perfect: had been
Future perfect: shall have been, will have been

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