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Monday, February 4, 2013

Some exceptional continuous form.


Some of verbs used in simple present form.

Here are some verbs, these are not used in the present continuous form. Because they refer to states, we can use them in the simple present form.

  • Opinion: Suppose, Believe, Think, Doubt, Consider. [I always believe you.]

  • Perception: See, Feel, Smell, Taste Here. [The bad feels soft.]

  • Mental states: Understand, Recognize, Remember, Notice, Forget. [I so often notice that, most of students’ are so weak to English.]

  • Emotion: Like, love, Want Wish, Hate. [I love you forever.]
Verbs like: mind, have, be, prefer, regret, hold, cost, contain etc.

Remember: Sometime we can use the perception verb {hear, feel, see, taste, smell} with “can” [I can hear] and for the different meaning, these may be used in the present continuous form.


  • I see what you mean. [perception]
  • I am seeing you later. [future plan]

  • She has a car. [possession/own]
  • She is having a picnic.[expression]

  • The coffee tastes better. [perception]
  • He is tasting the coffee. [action]

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