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Thursday, February 14, 2013


What is the adjective?

Adjectives give various information about noun and pronoun. The form of an adjective does not change depending on the number or gender of the noun.


  • He is a good boy. [male]

  • She is a good girl. [female]

  • There is a green mango in the box. [singular]

  • There are some green mangoes in the box. [plural]

Classes of adjective

  • Qualitative adjectives: age, colour, size, smell etc.

  • Quantitative adjectives: all, half, more, some etc.

  • Numeric adjectives: one, three,six, one hundred etc.

  • Demonstrative adjectives: that, this, those, these etc.

  • Interrogative adjectives: what, which, whose etc.

  • Possessive adjectives: my, our, their, her etc.

Note: (a) Who and which are not used in interrogative adjective.
(b) The articles a , an, the also are one kind of adjective.

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