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Monday, February 11, 2013

Modal verb

What is the modal verbs?

There are some verbs in English which are different from normal verbs. They never use “s, es” for the third person singular, they do not use “to” for the infinitive, they make an interrogative by turnover. These are called the modal verbs.

Here is a list of the modal verbs:

shall             should

will               would

can              could

may             might

must            ought to

How to use the modal verbs?

We can use the modal verbs to talk about habit, ability, possibility, advice,permission.


  • I can play football.
  • She can speak English.
  • You can not do this.


  • It may rain now.
  • He is sick, so he could not come.
  • Water is boiling, so it must be very hot.


  • He will always be late.
  • When she came to me, we would often go to cinema.
  • You would often lose your pen.

Advice and obligation

  • We should learn English properly.
  • Students must study regularly.
  • We should stop smoking.


  • can I use this pen?
  • You may use it.
  • May I come in sir?

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