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Friday, February 8, 2013

Past continuous

What is the past continuous tense?

The past continuous describes an incomplete action. Past continuous tense of any verb has two parts, one is the past form of the verb of “To be” [was, were] another is the present participle [principle verb + ing] form of the verb. Here is described how to make and use it.

How to use the past continuous tense?

We can use the past continuous to talk about background information, repeated actions in the past , a continuous action in the past , especially telling a story.

we are talking about background information [atmosphere story].

  • The sun was shining.
  • The birds were singing.
  • The birds were relaxing on the tree.

we are talking about a continuous action in the past.

  • I was reading a book when you came.
  • I was having a dream when I woke up.
  • At seven o'clock, I was working.

we are talking about a repeated actions in the past.

  • You were always disturbing her.
  • I was always reading noble.
  • She was always crying when she was a child.

    Formation of past continuous tense.

    Person/number Affirmative Interrogative Negative
    1st person/singular I was eating rice. Was I eating rice? I was not eating rice.
    2nd person/singular You were eating rice. Were you eating rice? You were not eating rice.
    3rd person/singular He/she was eating rice. Was he/she eating rice? He/she was not eating rice.
    1st person/plural We were eating rice. Were we eating rice? We were not eating rice.
    2nd person/plural You were eating rice. Were you eating rice? You were not eating rice.
    3rd person/plural They were eating rice. Were they eating rice? They were not eating rice.

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