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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Verb tenses

Summary of verb tenses.

Simple tenses.

Simple present: The sun rises in the east.
Structure: Subject + Verb [Present form] + Complement
Simple past: He came to me.
Structure: Subject + Verb [Past form] + Complement
Simple future: I shall go to Dhaka next month.
Structure: Subject + shall/will + Principle Verb + Complement

Continuous/progressive tenses.

Present continuous/progressive: The train is running.
Structure: Subject + am/is/are + Verb + ing + Complement
Past continuous/progressive: They were playing football
Structure: Subject + was/were + Verb + ing + Complement
Future continuous/progressive: He will be going on the street.
Structure: Subject + shall be/will be + Verb + ing + Complement

Perfect tenses.

Present perfect: The baby has broken the glass.
Structure: Subject + have/has + Verb [Past participle form] + Complement
Past perfect: I had reached the station before the train started.
Structure: Subject + had + Verb [Past participle form] + Complement
Future perfect: He will have eaten rice.
Structure: Subject + shall/will have + Verb [Past participle form] + Complement

Perfect continuous tenses.

Present perfect continuous: It has been raining for the last two days.
Structure: Subject + have/has been + Verb + ing + Complement
Past perfect continuous: The girl had been reading in the same class for two years.
Structure: Subject + had been + Verb + ing + Complement

 Future perfect continuous: I shall have been reading before I go to college.
Structure: Subject + shall/will have been + Verb + ing + Complement

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